The begginning is far away in 1993. February, the 3rd of 1993 "Firstright" kennel was founded with purchasing of our first Collie. We've got Rought Collie female Moon Maris Sister Oaks (Mary, date of birth - 08.10.1992).

Moon Maris Sister Oaks

Мун Мэрис Систер Оакс

She was born in Sestroretsk, small city not far from St. Petersburg. Mary was growing up
and we started to participate in dog shows with her.
In her archives is 3xCAC and two litters.
Her puppies' happy owners are living in different regions of great Russia.
Mary still looks wonderful and she is in great filling in her 13,5 years.
She lives with our parents not far from our home. Some times we took her to visit us. However, parents always give her to us very unwillingly, but she loves to play with other dogs and they concede.

On one show we've seen magnificent male Collie, who won show in 10 months. And he was proposed for sale. We wasn't able do not buy him.

Scandiline Frolic Friend

Скандилайн Фролик Френд
Скандилайн Фролик Френд, на фото - 12 летСкандилайн Фролик Френд, на фото - 13,5 лет


He is from Baltic, from Litva.
I've made my first self-dependent trip for him. And, finally, in winter of 1994 "Rolik" has arrived. His full name is Scandiline Frolic Friend (13.04.1993-12.10.2007).
He remained the trace in breed evolution in St. Petersburg.
We used him widely in breeding and we've got more then 76 puppies in Russia and other countries. Also he participated in shows regulary and he has RUS CH title. Rolik still attends shows in veterans class and beyond comparison invariably. You can make sure in that - on middle photo he is in the age of 12 years.

The best puppy from Rolik (in our opinion) was keeped in the kennel.
It was female puppy - Florida from Mary and Rolik.



She was born in 1995, May 25 and right away became our favourite.
There were 6 puppies in the litter, but she was the smallest and the most tender puppy.
By the way she looked like her father. In her archives also a lot of titles and show winnings.
Unfortunately she died of desease at 7 years old.
We are still grieve for her. She is always in our memory.

We didn't get a new dog for a long time. But time goes ahead and we decided to get Bearded Collie. We always liked this breed. We've considered all aspects for a long time.
But now we've got Darcy and we would like to say many thanks to our breeders and to all people, who helped us.
We are infinitely gratitude to Marc and Viviane for our "princess". Also we would like to thank Lena and Carina Grigoriyan for their help and many pieces of good advice.
Our kennel will develop further (see the last photo).

У нас еще все впереди!


Time goes on, and our small puppy turned to very beautiful Beardie. Darcy learned obedience and good behaviar in home and on street very fast. Since her 10 months we began to participate in shows.
First of all in St.Petersburg, then abroad.
And to 3 years our girl became: Junior Russia Champion, RKF Champion, Russia Champion, INT Champion, Belarus Champion, Finland Champion, Estonia Champion, Lithuania Champion, Baltic Winner-06, 7хCACIB.
It was time to think about puppies.
Through those 3 years I've seen a lot of males on different shows, their parents, searched pedigrees.
And then the time come we've made our choice: NV-04, Sweden Champion, Norway Champion - Alistair's Bring Home The Bacon.
He lives in Sweden in the leading kennel - "Alistair's". He is perfect brown gentleman.
And in April, the 19th of 2007 we've got three beautiful brown puppies: two females and a male.

One female we leaved in our kennel: Festrait Ladybrown (her home name is Bona). All, we aspired to, we've seen in her.
There are her character, wonderful expression, and the general - very dark brown coat!!!
It's one, her mother doesn't have. Bona looks very much like her starring mother!!!

Unfortunately, in the begining of October we've got a grief. Our Rolick (Rought Collie) has died.
He was 14,5 years old. We feel sorrow for him. Our girls are missing him too, because they were friends.
But time doesn't stops, and we have to go farther.
Our Bona has started to participate show as her mother does. In this time all goes wonderful!!!!
And we hope, in in the nearest future I'll write good continue of our history.

With love
Natalia and Ilya

2008, January 20


Shirokova Natalia

Russia, St. Petersburg,
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